Tai Chi Hall Weekly Theme: Aug 12, 2019 to Aug 18, 2019

Tai Chi Hall Weekly Theme: Aug 12, 2019 to Aug 18, 2019

Last week we discussed breathing, and I will continue, but we will extend static standing abdominal breathing, into simple dynamic movement. “Opening” is a good exercise to put into a yinyang cyclical movement with breathing.

Remember the first objective is to improve the quality of the breathing mechanism and then the quantity of aerobic endurance. This is done by focusing on removing the internal restrictions to the ease of the descending diaphragm, and allowing the internal organs to spread out comfortably below. This offers the organs a massage from the undulating diaphragm. Breathing like this in underrated, but can have profound health benefits if done correctly and regularly.

The Five Secret Words of Breathing

Silent – When breathing is not forced and excessive, it is not loud and audible. As meditation, the breath becomes a focal object for a quiet silent mind to stay awake in the present moment. Once noticed, if the mind strays, bring back its attention. 

Soft  –  Removing internal restriction to the descending diaphragm is the application of “Softness overcomes hardness”. Breathing is natural.

Steady – This is to apply the 70% rule. Don’t force the lungs to expand to extreme capacities, or force all the air out. Don’t favor the inhale or the exhale, but stay in the present moment and follow the breath. Remain Centered. Avoid the Extremes.

Deep – As the restrictions are alleviated, the diaphragm sinks deeper. “Sink the Qi to the lower 丹田 Dan Tian; Elixir Field”. Simultaneously, “Raise a light and lively intangible energy to the top of the head”. Microcosmic Orbit Circulation.

Long – As relaxation and internal comfort increase, the inhale and exhale naturally gets longer. Deep and long go hand in hand. It a journey, not a destination.

Using the first Waist Method; turning the torso left and right, we will experiment with adding breath coordination. Mind’s Intent; Yi leads the Qi / Qi leads the body / Body expresses the Force / Power Li; 力.

Many Chinese round tables have a Lazy Susan in the center. Static: The bottom is square; four supportive legs. Dynamic: The top is round; it spins around. Although, we can’t spin the waist around 180 degrees, it offers a good image to how the first Waist Method functions. Remember, don’t move the hips (the table’s bottom). Use the Yao, Waist to turn the trunk. Internal Function actualizes external Form. 

 氣功 Qigong; Energy Work, Exercise to unite / harmonize body, breath, and mind. 

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