Taoist Tai Chi Chuan

Taoist Tai Chi Chuan

“Original nature is cultivated externally through various virtuous acts and internally through non-attachment to forms.”

In the practice of Tai Chi Chuan there are no fixed positions. Everything is in a state of continuous motion without interruption. Ceaselessly changing.

Clinging to the past, we get stuck as we move mindlessly in the future. While we lament our past failure, we compound the error further by missing our present actions. The mind leads the Qi. The Qi leads the body. The present is always right here, right now, regardless if we experience it direct or miss it absentmindedly.

Our best intentions are compromised by our emotional states. Happy or sad, anxious or depressed our heart’s desires impede us mentally, no differently than instability or loss of relaxation restricts us physically.

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