Monday June 24, 2019 to Sunday June 30, 2019

Monday June 24, 2019 to Sunday June 30, 2019

This week our focus will be on learning a short stepping and stance drill created by Yang Jun Laoshi. The purpose of  this practice includes:

1. Knowing the three basic stance requirements (heel width, foot direction, weight distribution) for each of the 5 stances (horse, bow, empty, twisted, hanging).

2. Knowing how to step into each stance and transition into another stance, using the 5 Skills (shift, pivot, stand, step, transition).

3. Learn to gather energy in the Center following the tenet; The energy begins in the root, developed by the legs, and directed and controlled by the waist.          

The Tai Chi Classic, Tai Chi Chuan Ching attributed to Zhang Sanfeng states:

“If the timing and position are not correct (the feet, legs, and waist must act simultaneously) the body becomes disordered, and the defect must be sought in the legs and waist.” (Study material: The Essence of Tai Chi Chuan, The Literary Tradition by Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo)

Note: Weekly posted themes serve as an outline to class instruction. Students are encouraged to use them in the creation of their own notebook/ training diary. As the weeks turn into months, and then years, students will have a guide to take the “backward step” and review past material again. Tai Chi Chuan is practiced as “精 Yi; Intent (Wisdom Mind) leads the body.” Our study leads our practice. Our practice cultivates our study. A Yinyang – Scholarly Warrior method.  

 Pictures are for general reference, not meant to offer specific details.

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