Tai Chi Hall Weekly Theme: Sept 2, 2019 to Sept 8, 2019

Tai Chi Hall Weekly Theme: Sept 2, 2019 to Sept 8, 2019

Seasonal Practice

Although our years are cyclical, our experience of them is rarely linear. Getting something accomplished requires prioritizing. Traditionally, academic years are broken into two semesters. Fall usually runs from September (after Labor Day) to December before the Winter Festivals. Spring usually starts in January after the New Years celebration until the end of June. Summer break is the months of July and August.

I provide instruction for my students year round, but I suggest we look at the two semesters, as a time to focus more intensely on being consistent in attending weekly class and trying to practice daily. We use the short Winter break and longer Summer break not to completely stop practicing, but as a rest period.

We shouldn’t make promises to ourselves or others lightly. Also, we should be very realistic when making them. Here is a classic story:

A student asked their teacher, How long will it take for me to learn the Tai Chi Chuan 103 Long Form?

The Teacher replied, Most students require about three years; learning a single movement each time they attend a weekly class and absorbing it into their mind and body substantially.

The Student replied, …but what if I came twice a week and trained twice a day?

The Teacher said, 6 years.

How about class three times a week, practice three times a day?

9 years, was the reply.

Confused the student asked, How can this be?

The teacher explained, Although we may have good intentions, this is not reality. Being realistic, we can reach our destination at the appointed time, when all the conditions are meet. The road to Hell is paved by our good intentions. One step at a time. One right after the other. Crawling or running is not the way. 

My suggestion. Attend a weekly class. Reschedule if necessary. Work toward a 20 minute a day practice to start. If this can be achieved; increase practice time. A little bit each day relaxed is to “Embrace the yin to support the Yang.”      

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